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Lincoln Way Corridor Study

Lincoln Way cuts through Ames from east to west. How can it be improved? What do you like? What needs to be changed?

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  • Ames Fire Department Provides Fire Safety Tips with Live Christmas Trees

    In an effort to alert residents to fire safety information, the Ames Fire Department has partnered with local vendors selling live Christmas trees to include a list of holiday safety tips with each purchase. Small white cards, produced in cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), will be attached to trees and include Christmas tree safety information on one side and smoke detector tips on the other.

  • Nominations Accepted for Humanitarian Award

    The Ames Human Relations Commission is seeking nominations for its annual Humanitarian Award. The award recognizes and honors a worthy individual, whose contributions to our community demonstrate extraordinary quality, including efforts to promote diversity, fairness, and equality.

  • Henriksen Honored With Governor’s Award

    Ames Fire Department’s Fire Inspector Tom Henriksen was recently honored with the Governor's Award for Fire Prevention Officer of the Year. The award is given to a fire service representative who has made significant contributions to fire prevention in Iowa through a single program or the culmination of numerous fire prevention programs.