Plans & Programs


Long Range Transportation Plan

The Long Range Transportation Plan sets the community on a path to address its future transportation needs by first identifying its goals and vision. These goals can be achieved through multimodal approaches that address current and future community land use, economic development, environment (natural, human, and cultural), traffic demand, public safety, health, and social needs. Transportation decisions are made using a comprehensive planning process that includes a dialogue with the public and considers land use, development trends, safety, and security.


Transportation Planning Work Program

The Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP) is a requirement of 23 CFR 450.308(b) for metropolitan planning organizations to develop a document identifying work proposed for the next one-year period by major activity and task. The document indicates who will perform the planning activity, the schedule for completing the activity, what products should result from each activity, funding for each activity, and a total program budget.


Passenger Transportation Plan

The Ames Passenger Transportation Plan (PTP) is an effort of providing key community decision
makers with the knowledge of how individuals are currently being transported throughout Ames, the
additional transportation needs and service requests identified, and recommended strategies or
projects to overcome these needs. The plan, developed by Ames transportation providers and
human/health service agency representatives, focuses on improving transportation access and
availability for the community with an emphasis towards low-income, elderly and disabled populations.
The process also allows opportunity to coordinate together to bring knowledge of what, where and
when transportation services are available; how to use them; and then how to provide the most efficient
service with available identified resources.