City Hall - Power Plant View
Front City Hall (looking north west and upward angle)
Birdge and Houses

Public Meetings Notice

March 27 - March 31
Monday, March 27
12:00 pm
Ames Human Relations Commission
Conference Room 233
515 Clark Avenue

5:00 pm
Hospital Board of Trustees
Administrative Conference Room
Mary Greeley Medical Center
1111 Duff Avenue
  Tuesday, March 28  8:00 am
Ames Transit Agency Board of Trustees
CyRide Conference Room
601 North University Avenue
 1:30 pm
321 State Avenue Pre-Posal
Council Chambers
515 Clark Avenue
  6:00 pm
City Council
Council Chambers
515 Clark Avenue
For more information, please call the City Clerk's Office at 515-239-5105.