WTP Construction Progress Photos

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 January 2017 Progress Photos

wire in the maint shop

wire in pipe gallery

 Wire, wire everywhere!  Electrical wire in the maintenance shop and the pipe gallery.

window to pipe galley

Opening from Admin (Ground Level) Area to the Pipe Gallery.  A window will be installed here for viewing.

Windos installed in Training Room

 Windows have been installed through much of the plant.  These are looking outside to the east from the Training Room.

up the ramp

down the ramp

TOP: Looking up the ramp from the pipe gallery BOTTOM: Looking down the ramp from the maintenance area.

stairs to second level

Stairs have been poured and handrails are in the process of being installed. These stairs lead from the Ground Level. 

Scott Cunningham in utility room

Backflow Prevention/Cross-Connection Coordinator Scott Cunningham inspecting a utility room.

pipe gallery

Pipe Gallery looking east to west.

pipe gallery 2

The Pipe Gallery is located on the lower level, below the Ground Level.

pipe gallery 3

Pipe Gallery. 

pipe gallery 4

Pipe Gallery.  Pipes are color-coded to indicate their usage.

pipe gallery 5

Pipe Gallery looking west to east.  At the end of the gallery, you can see the viewing window located on the Ground Floor/ Admin Area.

elveator installed admin

The elevator shaft and car have been installed.  This is the elevator located on the Ground Level.

ducts to be installed in basement

Ducts in the basement (lower level) ready for installation by HVAC professionals.

admin reception area drywall

Ground Level entrance and reception area.

admin Area John Dunn

W&PC Director John Dunn inspecting the work being done.

December 2016 Progress Photos

Filter room and control room 2016-12

Filter room looking northeast.  December 2016.

 Lime Slaker Oct to Dec 2016

Two month comparison of lime slaker area (and Neil Weiss).

lyle and dave g office framing 2016-12

Framing for Water Plant Superintendent's and Assistant Superintendent's offices. December 2016.

Mike Buns John Dunn Control rom 216-12

Water Plant Operator Mike buns (left) and W&PC Director John Dunn (right) inspecting the framing for the Control Room in the Filter Room. December 2016.

nat gas heater 2016-12

Natural Gas heater to keep crews warm!  December 2016.

Operations framing with neil 2016-12

Operations area framing, W&PC Engineer Neil Weiss inspecting. December 2016.

Sand bags in filter room 2016-12

Large bags of sand in the filter room.  The sand will be added as a layer of water filtration. December 2016.

November 2016 Progress Photos

 NE corner

The northeast corner of the building almost two months apart.

 Lime slaker and silos

Lime slaker area.  The aging tank on the bottom right is in the empty space to the left of Neil in October.

The top right are the lime silos that will empty into the aging tanks.

 reception framing 2

Looking into the Administrative area of the plant.  The offices are almost all framed in. 

silos from roof 2

Looking west from the roof.  The white membrane is to deflect heat from the sunlight. 

silos from roof

view from roof looking east

Looking east from the roof.


Workers installing additional piping connections inside the pipe gallery (August 8, 2016)


Panoramic view of the entire site facing north.  From left to right: two white lime storage silos, lime storage/slaking building, aerators (in the distance between buildings), eventual chemical feed area in front of the treatment portion of the project site.  Near the two cranes is the administration area and the stand-alone concrete in the corner of the building is the elevator shaft. (August 8, 2016)


Workers installing structural steel support members within administration area. (August 8, 2016)


Yellow framing in preparation for a concrete pour on August 8, 2016, near the entrance to the administration area.

Mid-September 2016 Photos

NE Corner of Plant -16-16

 The northeast corner of the building, Sept. 16, 2016

Pipe Gallery 9-16-2016

The pipe gallery from above, Sept. 16, 2016

cascading aerators 9-16-2016

Cascading Aerators, Sept. 16, 2016

lime silos from roof 9-16-2016

Lime silos over the lime slaking building, taken from the roof.  That is the City Power Plant in the distance. Sept. 16, 2016

Lime Silos w JD 9-16-2016

Lime silos from the ground with W&PC Director John Dunn inspecting them. Sept. 16, 2016

solids contact unit 9-16-2016

Solids contact unit, Sept. 16, 2016

2nd floor rebar 9-16-2016

Rebar laid for the floor on the second story. Sept. 16, 2016

life preserver in filter room 9-16-2016

Life preserver in the filter room. Sept. 16, 2016.

Early October 2016 Photos

Northeast view of Water Plant Ot. 2016

Northeast view of outside of plant

Outside of Training Room New WTP Oct 2016

Looking in the Training Room windows

Plumbing for Locker Room New WTP Oct 2016

Installed plumbing for Locker Rooms

Main Floor Elevator Shaft New WTP Oct. 2016

Main Floor elevator shaft (after a rainy day)

Administration Area New WTP Oct 2016

Administration Area.  This is where the reception desk will be.  Beyond that, the offices of the Director, Assistant Director, Engineers, Environmental Specialist, and interns.  The offices get the gorgeous window views.

Maintenance Area New WTP Oct 2016

Water Plant Maintenance Office and Garage.  The office will have the window view.  At the current (old) plant, the maintenance office is located in a separate building with a lot less space. 

Under the Lime Silo New WTP Oct 2016 Neil Weiss

W&PC Engineer Neil Weiss looking up at the lime silos.  For comparison, Neil is 6'2" tall. 

Looking in at Lime Silo New WTP Oct. 2016

Lime Silos

Looking in at Maintenance Area New WTP Oct 2016

The outside of the Maintenance Area (L)  and the Administration Area (R)

Large Bolts on Piping in Pipe Gallery New WTP 2016

Showing large sizes of bolts being used in piping.  (Pipe Gallery)

Large Bolts in Pipe Gallery OCt 2016

A view of unused bolts, hand for size comparison.


Looking down the pipes in the pipe gallery

Pipe Gallery with Dustin Albrecht New WTP Oct 2016

Environmental Specialist Dustin Albrecht in pipe gallery.  For comparison, Dustin is 6'1"

Pipe Gallery with Neil Weiss New WTP Oct 2016

W&PC Engineer Neil Weiss "holding" a pipe in the pipe gallery.

Department Secretary Kati Pierce takes a rest in the pipe.  For size comparison, Kati is 5'2"

Pipes New WTP Oct 2016

Unused pipes waiting to be installed

Pipes New WTP Oct 2016

Clarifiers New WTP Oct 2016

W&PC Engineer Neil Weiss and W&PC Director John Dunn looking at one of two of the enormous solids contact units (remember Neil is 6'2")

On the roof looking west new wtp oct 2016

On the roof looking west.  The far left building on the horizon is the Power Plant. 

Last updated: October 18, 2016

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